Plants in Popular Culture (PiPC)

Plants in Popular culture is a series where I am writing about plants that play an integral role in a piece of culture. Plants are essential to all of our lives and show up in culture all the time. These are the biggest examples I can find. Largely, this is fun, though at times will touch on very real issues in the world that intersect with the culture being written about.

Here are the posts in the plants in popular culture series:

PiPC1: Lily of the Valley

PiPC2: Tomacco

PiPC3: The Merciless Peppers of Quetzalcatanago

PiPC4: Leverage

PiPC5: Sideways Chocolat

PiPC6: Weirwoods

PiPC7: I am Groot

PiPC8: Sonmanto and Momsanto

PiPC9:¬†Leonard Nimoy’s Final Tweet.


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