CV online. And a request.

I need your help.

I made a Google Document with my current CV. If you give me your email, I’ll I’ll share it with you and you can give me feedback I need (you get my thanks and a chance to use editing skills on someone else for a change!). Turning it into a resume, new career directions I might explore, style/content, etc.

I want help with it/commentary/ideas for what I can highlight and do better (besides number of publications, I know, it’s terrible, I’m a horrible academic and I’ve dragged myself through the mud and beat myself up about it more than anyone else could possibly do).

I need a new career. A new adventure. And I’ve been woeful about getting going on that goal. So if you see my CV and think I’d be great for something, then that’s good too. I am full of ideas, quietly enthusiastic, thoughtful, and I like to write.

So if you want to see my (shorter form) CV and give me ideas/suggestions or even point me in the direction of people I should talk to, let me know that too. If you just want to feel like you’re in better shape than ‘the competition’ (me) since the running joke of this blog is that I am an example of every mistake a postdoc can make.

I’m hoping this kickstarts me into some new directions. I’ve been pretty open in my blog and on Twitter and good things have happened because of it. Hopefully that’s the case here.



Author: Ian Street

Ian is a plant scientist and science writer relating stories of plant science and scientists on his blog, The Quiet Branches as well as other outlets. You can find him on Twitter @IHStreet.

5 thoughts on “CV online. And a request.”

    1. At this point, I wouldn’t mind industry; I am looking to do something away from the bench though. (I’m not averse to staying at the bench for a time, but I don’t think that that’s where my real talent lies anymore.

    1. Hi Bernadine!

      Sure! I’ve had a lot of feedback I’m incorporating now. I’ll send it along to you once that’s done (probably in generic resume form since I imagine you aren’t so into academic CVs, but can send that along too). Probably early next week.

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